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to offline sales.

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Your content marketing report card is here.

A little nervous, right?

Create content that closes deals

Pulse shows you which content is really driving your results.

  • 1

    A snapshot view of how your content is performing and the impact it is having on your company’s revenue.

  • 2

    Examine deals and the content that influenced them. Visualize the actual customer’s journey and see the names of the people involved in making the purchase.

  • 3

    Get detailed insight into the effectiveness of your content. Know which media types, topics, or authors are closing deals.

Analyze the Entire Customer Journey

Pulse gives your web data real business context. Now you can visualize the full path — from first touch to deal close and everything in between. Know who engaged with your content, how they engaged with it, and what impact it had on the business – from every angle.

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Look, we’re content marketers like you — and we built this product because we needed it. Getting real ROI on content is tough. With Pulse we know which content is really closing deals — so we can make more of the good stuff. We’re pretty excited about it and hope you are too.

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